About The Author

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I never really aspired to be an author; the thought never crossed my mind until the past four years. Before that, I could not even type a page without breaking into a sweat! I went to school in Africa; we did not have computers or typewriters in our school. Computers were for those privileged enough to have parents who had money to blow, which was not the case for me. Pen and paper was the only way I was taught to write. When I came to America, it seemed everybody had a computer. Now, as strange as it may sound – I was a bit overwhelmed with the whole idea of computer technology. It took some work, but I finally decided to buckle down and peck away at an old computer given to me by a good friend that gently gave me the hint that it was time to step into the 21st century. Well, I actually reluctantly pecked away for a few months and realized that I had no reason to motivate me to want to learn much about the computer, that’s when it hit me! I had experienced a lot in my life and definitely had a lot to share, so once I figured out that I had something worth sharing or writing about, I began a transformation from being a “certified dabbler” on the computer, to using the computer with a meaningful purpose. I hope that my readers will think that my work was worth the trouble and I hope they will share my work with others who can benefit from my writing.