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Inspirational Books - Happiness

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Sometimes the pressure of trying to “fit-in” to the world twists our personality into being who we are not, which creates personality confusions that destroy self-confidence. The lingering feelings of self-betrayal leaves regrets, low self-esteem and leaves us with no life of our own choice, since most choices leading to the point of self-neglect are mostly made under pressure. What’s at risk in this scenario is the person’s confidence, happiness, sanity, self-esteem and vitality. Millions of people go through this everyday and wonder why it seems impossible to be happy. Is there something that can be done about this? Yes! An Orientation To Life is the answer! This book empowers you to be YOU and increase your potential for a happier, meaningful life. Here is more things that this book can do for you:

  • It restores individuality by using key fundamentals of individuality and life
  • A choice made because of pressure is not a choice, in fact it is a violation of individual liberty. This book restores the power of choice/will-power
  • Gives tools to help establish one’s natural purpose in life
  • It reduces anxiety about being an individual in the eyes of society
  • It helps to raise self-esteem
  • It balances individual liberty and the ability to make better choices
  • It gives a clarity and understanding of life that is crucial to self-confidence

This is only a glimpse of what this book has to offer. An Orientation To Life is an uplifting inspirational book that every person must read. It is reassuring, empowering and life changing to read. Anybody can benefit psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually from this book.