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Inspirational Books: Secrets Od the Art Of Persistence

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Success is a combination of foresight, passion, know-how, problem solving skills and persistence. There is no failure besides giving up or agreeing with obstacles. The main reason most people are not successful with their goals is because they lack one or more of the above factors to create a mindset for success. With a very dynamic way of thinking the book Secrets Of The Art Of Persistence addresses each of these factors with a unique formula, and offers tools to enable you to successfully navigate through challenging obstacles and become successful. The methodology and procedures in this book will open your eyes and help you detect and resolve hidden “weak links” that often stand in your path to success without you realizing it. Pursuing dreams is a delicate operation; one misaligned decision or action can create so much frustration and disappointment. But if you have the right tools and you act in time, you can recover and become successful with your goals.
Here is what’s in store for you in this book: 

  • Fundamentals of effective goal setting
  • Five powerful steps to goal achievement
  • Problem solving guidance and techniques
  • Easy to follow steps that help you recover from setbacks
  • Workbook exercises for key information
  • Illustrative dynamic charts and application examples
  • The key rationale and disciplines of self-motivation

There are many gains to be had from this book; confidence, efficiency, self-motivation, increased problem solving skills and most importantly - results! Be sure to get your own copy of Secrets Of The Art Of Persistence and learn how to achieve your goals with greater ease!