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Inspirational Books - relationships

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Inspirational Books - Relationships

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Before we can apply any relationship improvement solutions successfully, we must first have some understanding of the problem. What prevents most relationships from becoming successful? Insecurity and misinformation are the biggest contributing factors behind the mysteries of widespread bad relationships and failed relationships. People fail to make the transition into a relationship (such as “creating room” psychologically for the other person) because of insecurity. The underlying conflict between desire and insecurity creates an evasive shifty mindset that prevents connection, true affection, understanding and creates the potential of betrayal. Therefore desensitizing insecurity and becoming aware of the misinformation and social conditions that generate and feed the insecurity helps to create a healthy relationship. The book Rage For The Justice Of Love offers the following information and tips to help create a successful relationship:

  • How to ready yourself mentally for a relationship
  • The foundation for a successful relationship
  • How to identify or create real psychological intimacy 
  • How to achieve emotional security in a relationship
  • Tips to prevent a relationship from falling apart
  • How to reduce conflict in a relationship
  • How to identify and become immune to mindsets that can compromise the fidelity of your relationship

So, whether you are interested in relationship improvement or if you are looking for tips to help you start off into a successful relationship, this book will give you the guidance to help make that possible. It’s brutally honest for the sake of making it possible for love and relationships to thrive.