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The only thing that causes spiritual skepticism is “no proof.” I used to be one of those skeptics until I had several strange but revealing spiritual experiences. It all began when I was about nine years old, I was either in denial back then, or perhaps too young to comprehend the magnitude of these strange spiritual experiences. I was raised in a Christian family, so I was not totally spiritually ignorant. In the process of trying to find a better explanation for my experiences I ran into a few terribly confusing spiritual books. After that, I somehow landed in the hands of arrogant, clueless, psychological mumbo-jumbo that tried to convince me that there is nothing more to life than the “ape gene pool” from which we supposedly mysteriously descended. All I was looking for was proof of spirituality in order to understand the promise of immortality. Little did it dawn on me then, that what I was experiencing was the proof I was searching for all along. Maybe you too have experienced what I have experienced. I decided to write this book to share my journey to spiritual enlightenment with deeper understanding and affirmation of the soul. All of the events described in this book are true. I hope that this book will help you find affirmation, peace of mind and spiritual vitality.

This book is not a religious book; it is a reporting of spiritual facts only for the purpose of spiritual affirmation.