Positive Thinking & Inspiration

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We only find happiness in life to the degree that we can think positively. Now I know this sounds like one of those “easier said than done” type propositions, given the hectic pace and pressure that sometimes exists in the society we live in. But since it's said that "practice makes perfect," I can say from personal experience that practicing positive thinking is one of the most rewarding things you could ever do, for a few very good reasons! Why is it so important to be positive anyway? Here are a few points to consider that might help to put things in perspective:

  • A positive mind is a solution oriented mind - you only throw in the towel the moment you stop being solution oriented. That’s when negativity can get cozy in your mind and hand you to the wolves. The mindset that almost uniformly precedes failure is the one that starts with the words, “I can’t.”
  • You can only protect the things you are passionate about (your goals or dreams) by staying positive. Your mind is a perfect “catalyst” for success when it's positive. It becomes a sponge even for its own energy when it is negative in polarity, so instead of reaching it prefers to withdraw.
  • You only have as much energy as you are positive, not the other way around; that is why depression makes a person feel lethargic. But even when depressed, if a person forces him or herself to think positively, (even so much as to just think of smiling or “grunting out” a half-hearted laugh), they will perk up - if only for a second. This tells us that there is a correlation between the mindset and energy level a person feels, given that they are getting enough sleep or rest just to eliminate physical factors.
Being positive does not mean that one must be oblivious of personal matters that need to be tended to, and be delusively happy, as some suggest. On the contrary, it means being certain of one’s ability to find or create solutions, or having the tenacity to pull through any challenge. In times when you might not feel as certain, it helps to find and read some good inspirational books or inspirational stories to help build up your inner strength. Another thing that helps is to find a purpose for your life or a passion that really inspires you. I have personally found this to be more dependable than being at the mercy of my environment for inspiration. Being inspired is the first step to positive thinking and finding happiness. I hope these tips will make it easier for you to achieve both.

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